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True Auto Fill

July 28, 2019
When you type a book of the Bible in the quick scripture field it suggests books that it thinks you’re going to type. If I type “Col” is suggests “Colossians” underneath. It would be really helpful if it just auto filled the book of the Bible automatically for you if there is only one suggestion.

So if I type “eph” it would just auto fill Ephesians instead of suggesting it — seeing as only one book starts with “eph.”

We’re always looking for ways to speed up the verse look-up process because we look up verses on the fly during service.
Posted by Michael
July 28, 2019
Thanks for the post! Pressing "enter" when Colossians is selected will put it in the text field and you can continue with the chapter and verse number.
Posted by Adam
August 7, 2019
Thanks. We do use “enter” to auto fill, which is good. Smartphones auto fill when you start typing a word and then hit “space.” That way you can just start typing the next word. That might be cool on WE.

So right now you must begin typing the book of the Bible, then hit enter to auto-fill, then hit “space” and then type the chapter and verse. BUT, if “space” triggered the auto-fill... you could just start typing the book, click “space” to trigger the auto-fill, and type your chapter and verse.

It cuts out a step.

That would be great. And like I said, that’s how iPhones and other smartphones handle auto-fill already. Thanks for the reply!
Posted by Michael
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