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July 25, 2019
I am trying to create a new song which isn't in Song Select. I need to type the lyrics in but when I click on create new it gives me an open box where I type in the title and click create. It then gives me a place to start creating slide 1 but won't let me type in the verse. Why is this happening? I have done it in the past with no problem
Posted by Gary
July 25, 2019
Hi Gary- Send a screenshot of what you are seeing to and we'll be happy to take a look. Thanks!
Posted by Adam
August 3, 2019
I am having the same issue. I cannot create a new song, meaning I cannot typo on the slide. Thanks.
Posted by Werner
August 5, 2019
We will have a fix for this in our next update. For now, you have to click on the bottom half of the empty slide to start typing.
Posted by Adam
August 7, 2019
This has been resolved in version 4.43. Please post back if you still experience the issue. Thanks!
Posted by Adam
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