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Import text into slides similar to the importing songs / scripture feature

April 10, 2020
Is it possible to import a text (e.g. sermon) into Slides? I am looking for a feature to use the slide as a foreground overlaying a video feed or a video of a speaker, with the text shown as a "lower third". This is akin to a subtitle feature. Obviously the operator will have to click through the slides to align with the speakers. I have been searching whether this is similar to the song import or scripture creation feature, where the text can be automatically be broken down into slides.
Posted by Po Ki
April 11, 2020
Where would you like to import from?

You can type your own slides or copy/paste. When creating slides, draw the text box on the lower third of the slide to create a lower third look. You can then right click the slide thumbnail on the right and choose "Save as Template" to use for future slides.
Posted by Adam
May 1, 2020
Thanks. Maybe let me rephrase the question differently.

I have a word document with the text of the sermon. Is there anyway I can upload the entire text into multiple slides, based on configuration such as:
- the way lyrics are imported and automatically divided into different pages through tags (XML tags), or
- the way scripture passages are created into slides based on word counts, such as 50 words per slide?
Posted by Po Ki
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