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Report songs to ccli out of the app

September 6, 2016
A great help would be the possibility to report the used songs directly from the WorshipExtrem App to CCLI
Posted by Kurt
May 5, 2018
Yes, this is what is holding me back a little from taking the plunge to upgrade. Manually reporting weekly to CCLI just doesn't happen (lists get altered, modifications made, etc.), so I end up with a long task at the end of each year, which is not efficient.
Otherwise, I am very very impressed with this software. Our previous package is not being updated any more (much to my disappointment), but Worship Extreme ticks just about every box!! Brilliant!
Posted by Nigel
May 26, 2019
Looks like this available in 4.40.1 (currently early adopter) but it works slick. You can export to a CSV. Adam you and your team are top notch!
Posted by Avalon Alliance
May 26, 2019
Hello Adam, great possibility now to export the List as a csv. Thank you

Can I export this directly to CCLI in this way? Or is it thought as a help to get the song names and date and copy it to CCLI?

Posted by Kurt
May 27, 2019
Hi Kurt- CCLI doesn't have a CSV import option, so you'll need to manually transfer the data when you report.
Posted by Adam
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