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Text color on slides

April 15, 2021
when typing a slide for a call and response I would like to use two different colors, one for the call one for the response. How do I keep a consistent color across slides and different ques.
Posted by Scott
April 16, 2021
In the slide editor, you can create templates by right clicking a slide thumbnail and choosing "Save as Template". Next time you create a new slide, you'll be giving that template as an option.
Posted by Adam
April 16, 2021
I looked and I don't get it.

here is an example of what I am trying to do.

here is (slide 2) part of a call to worship.
Easter People do you love the Christ that was born, lived, died, and rose again? (White text)
You know we do. (yellow text)
Then feed his children (white text)

Easter People do you love the Spirit that breathes new life? (white Text)
You know we do. (Yellow text)
Then feed his children (Yellow Text)

of course lines will change depending on the content and when in the service it is being used.
Posted by Scott
April 19, 2021
The way that I've started using this is to setup a slide with two (perhaps overlapping) text boxes.

Each box contains all the text of one colour, eg the call text only in one box, and the response text in a different colour in the other box.
Though you have to right click on the current slide and 'send to back' to update the covered one.

For more complex pages I use the existing powerPoint slides, while waiting for WE to create a nicer text editor for text boxes. :-)
Posted by Ian
April 26, 2021
It would be great if you could save a few regularly used text colours/colors in the slide editor, much easier than typing in the #0fh777056 for each color you want to use.
Posted by Andy
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