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Delete/Rearrange Powerpoint Slide Presentation in WE

January 23, 2020
When bringing in a Powerpoint presentation, there is no option within WorshipExtreme to add/delete/rearrange the slides once the import has been made. It's a big hassle to go back out and redo everything for one minor adjustment.

This would be the same as adding any other song list/scripture/media slides. We had a Powerpoint hymnal previously that we would still want to use, but would like WE to be the only program we have to worry about running during services. Just the same, if a sermon is made in Powerpoint and a last minute change needs to happen, there needs to be the ability to edit an individual slide just like anything else. For example, adding an additional verse to the sermon notes, or removing one of the talking points, etc. It needs to be able to adjust on the fly according to the service.

Thank you.
Posted by Josh
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