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Under Consideration

Stage Display as mirror of presentation

October 3, 2017
We would love the option to use the Stage Display Android app as a mirror of what is on the screen.
For the most part it works as is, but if the slide has lots of content, it gets cut off 
Posted by John
September 30, 2018
Agreed. It isn't ideal when the person presenting can't see the full slide.
Posted by Crawford
December 5, 2018
This would be ideal.  Its nice with a song to see what you are singing and what is coming next, but for presentation or showing a video the stage monitor becomes a bit useless.  We also have some songs that we sing that are videos, so our singers need sing along with the video, this is not possible as of today with stage monitor.  Would just be duplicating the display screen on the stage monitor.  Even if it didn't' work through the app, it should probably play fine on a stage monitor that is already attached to the computer playing the video.

Posted by Joshua
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