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Cue list display template

March 20, 2019
Hello there.

We are evaluating WE at the moment and we like, what we see. Good work! Thank you!

But we have a problem. We found out, that we can create song templates and that we can define a default song template in the settings area. But this default template is only used when creating a new song. Previously existing songs remain in the display-settings, with which they are created.

Our problem is: With my notebook I am projecting on different locations. On one location a top centered display is necessary, in another a middle centered display is better. On one location a black background is fine, on another one a white background with black font might be better.

What I really would appreciate is the possibility to set a "display variation" or "template" for the whole cue list. Imagine you could go into cue list settings, select a display template there and all songs in this cue list are displayed in the selected way. And when I am using this cue list on another location, I simply have to change the cue list display template.

Is something like this useful? Or is it already possible, and I just didn´t find out how?

Thank your for any reply.

Posted by Benjamin
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