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February 6, 2021
I have Windows 10 Video Output to a HDMI projector and works fine with all programs except Worship Extreme.
Monitors are extended and show as 1 and 2 on WIndows settings.
Worship Extreme does not recognize the HDMI out put but picks up the Audio from the HDMI connection.
What settings do I need to rectify the issue
Posted by Fred
February 8, 2021
Apparantly the Video settings are kept on the Local Computer and not in the Cloud.
I have a Laptop that I prepare before the Services at home and take the same Laptop to the Venue, and still can't use the HDMI Video Port.

Is there any way that I can change the Video Settings so the the Laptop can recognize the HDMI port within WE itself.
The Laptop does recognize the HDMI output
Posted by Fred
February 10, 2021
Hi Fred, do you have extended desktop enabled? Make sure the HDMI output isn't a clone of your laptop.
Posted by Adam
February 10, 2021
Thanks Adam for your quick response.

The Laptop has the desktop extended and not cloned.
The Issue is that there is no option to allocate the secondary Monitor to the HDMI output.
It is set to either OFF or 1920*1080 Resolution. No option to allocate the HDMI output.
Would the new Format Presenter 2021 fix the issue
Posted by Fred
February 11, 2021
Hi Fred- The Worship Extreme Display selection will say something like "Display 1, 1920x1080". It won't specifically say HDMI.
Posted by Adam
February 12, 2021
Hi Adam

I have attached a VGA Monitor using the HDMI output and Windows accepted it.
I ran WE and had the same issue.
However, I re arranged windows 1 and 2. and still didn't work.
I then re arranged the Windows again, and it now works. ??????????????
Go Figure.
Can you suggest why I needed to do this

Posted by Fred
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