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Integration between music stand and Presenter

May 10, 2021
Hi again... lol

Often our band will decide on a few songs for a Sunday worship session. However not every song is sung in the sequence as they would download it form Song Select. In presenter I can easily customize the order and choose whatever order I like. However is this possible to be defined by the worship leader in Music Stand?

So the worship leader selects the song and its custom sequence, that that pulls directly into presenter automatically for the AV team?

Also in Presenter I have a created a basic Cue that we use and replicate for each week. However I find a huge disconnect between what the Worship leader does in Music Stand and how that filters through to Presenter. So how can the Music Stand users see our template and add their song into the Worship session easily.

Or even if the inverse is possible, to make the songs form the Worship leader more easily imported into the cue by the AV team?
Posted by selwyn
May 11, 2021
Check out the ChordPro editor to edit songs from SongSelect.
Posted by Adam
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