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Under Consideration

Add Audio Control to Slide

July 7, 2019
We show a slide with a picture of wine/bread - for communion. This accompanies a talk. When the emblems are distributed - would be nice to hit 'Play' on a pre-configured Audio file. At the moment, we have a 2nd cue item - same image, but has the music configured - the PC guys clicks the 2nd slide - the picture flickers, but the music starts ...

So add an option to 'Manual Start Audio' - so this requires the user to click 'Play' when the slide is being displayed - it is paused when the slide if first displayed.
Posted by Peter
July 8, 2019
Under Settings > Defaults, you can turn off "Auto Fire". This will fix the flicker because the audio will not start until the slide is clicked. You'll still need two cues.
Posted by Adam
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