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Quick Scripture template missing?

July 27, 2020
Unless I'm missing a step, it appears that if you create a new template, it's not accessible in the Quick Scripture menu. You can, however, create a cue from the Quick Scripture, then edit that cue to find the template. Even by selecting a default template in settings doesn't bring it up in Quick Scripture.
Posted by Tim
July 31, 2020
Is the template dropdown empty in the quick scripture drop down?
Posted by Adam
August 1, 2020
After creating a new template (or making an edit to a duplicate template) and going to Quick Scripture, the template pulldown is populated...but not with the newly created template. It turns out, if I close WE and reopen it...the newly created template then appears in the Quick Scripture template pull down. But before doing so, it does not.
Posted by Tim
August 3, 2020
Got it. Thank you. We'll have this bug fixed in our next update.
Posted by Adam
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