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Keep Your Place Between Bible Versions

August 30, 2019
Our pastor often will read a passage and call for another version. All of this on the fly. Currently, when I switch versions, the selections go blank, and I have to press search again, and then it will bring up the same chapter. (Which is great)! It would cut down that second of waiting if when you selected a different Bible, it automatically switched in the selection screen.

Keep up the great work!
Posted by Terrell
August 31, 2019
I think this is the same thing I posted a few weeks ago as a feature request (if I understand correctly). I totally agree. Would love to see this fixed. It’s here if you’re interested in voting or commenting: https://www.worshipextreme.com/help/thread/5726401537769472
Posted by Michael
August 31, 2019
Thanks Michael! I did vote for yours. It's right on. I didn't see it before. Thanks so much
Posted by Terrell
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