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Template Background Option

July 25, 2017
Hi, I’m liking the look of your software, most things seem to run well. My only concern is that our church uses blue text on a yellow background as this helps the people who have dyslexia. I  can see that I can make a template with the blue text for lyrics, but there is no background option for the template. As far as I’m aware, I have to change the background of all the songs every time I import them to be our yellow one. Is this the only way of doing this? If so, could you add a background feature to the template for lyrics (and Bibles etc.) So that whenever I import lyrics or Bible verses, it just has the yellow background by default? I don’t know if this is a lot of work. Could you let me know if there’s already such a feature in the software? Thanks!
Posted by Jamie
November 13, 2018
Im also after this feature!

Posted by Dan
February 2, 2019
It would be great if it was possible to nominate a Background on a Template.

Then, if you wanted to change the Background for a lot (or all) of the songs you could just change the Background in one place (on the Template) instead of having to change it on every song.
Posted by Timothy
March 30, 2019
Yes please for this feature!
Posted by Steve
April 9, 2019
YES! defo need this!
Posted by Dan
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