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Support for casting via Chromecast and Apple TV

December 15, 2016
Something I've always thought would be a great option is the ability to cast the 2nd, 3rd, etc display using a wireless device such as Chromecast or Apple TV. Chromecast being a very cost effective option at $35. they can be independently named and have they're own unique MAC address essentially (I believe) making it possible handle multiple wireless displays concurrently.  I am more of an Android and Windows person myself but to please all of those OSX and iOS I think Apple TV support would be great. 

I found this link which I think is very helpful. Some of it I do understand and some of it goes over my head

But I think this could really give Worship Extreme a competitive edge. Currently the only 2 programs I know that provide this kind of support are Google Slides and the Projector part of Planning Center (only supports Apple TV). I would love to be a part of developing this idea more if it's worth keeping. I realize there's probably some challenges here but the technology is there. 

Best Regards

Posted by Justin
December 15, 2016
Thanks for the post!

After some searching, it looks like you can extend your desktop with Chromecast and Apple TV.

I don't have a Chromecast or Apple TV myself for testing, but any device you can enable extended desktop on will work with Worship Extreme.
Posted by Adam
December 15, 2016

that's a cool feature to know about. I guess  I was thinking more formal integration with WE itself. Like a new way to handle multiple displays through wireless. Rather than just a work around within Windows. the nature of that post seems to suggest that you're "tricking" Windows to something it's not supposed to. Which is fine but probably not full proof.
Posted by Justin
October 1, 2018
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Posted by florida
November 25, 2018
I just tried the solution posted by Adam, and apparently it no longer works, at least windows 10 cannot be tricked into creating a second dummy monitor for the chromecast to cast to. Native chromecast support would be a killer feature for Worship Extreme.
Posted by Michael
July 22, 2019
We use Rokus (Roku Sticks), and that works with Windows 10 as a Wireless Display. Kludgy as you have to go through the "Add Wireless Display" rigamarole on setup every week, but it works. Both Apple and Chromecast are proprietary focused, so YMMV. We did not get good mileage.

Played with some Miracast stuff, also kludgy. Some implementations are persistent, but have not done an exhaustive search. Rokus are the most versatile for our needs.
Posted by John
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