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Exporting Media to a new account

June 7, 2020
I am helping set up a new user that loves the software and I am needing to export much of my media as they will be using many of the cues that I have spent weeks building. I have researched this extensively without resolve. In the users folder on my computer I find many temp files, but not near all of what I am currently using for my cues. As well, those files are all renamed. Is there a way to do this without administration copying the entire account for us to the new account? Which also causes a problem because ultimately they will be best suited for the lower cost account than I am using.

Thank you in advance. Incredible software and an incredible blessing to our evangelical based circus shows.
Posted by Bryan
June 8, 2020
H Bryan- Unfortunately, we don't have a way to copy media and data from one account to another, it would need to be re-imported into the new account.

If you're looking to transfer ownership of an account, we can assist with that. Email
Posted by Adam
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