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Free software forever; so why do we have to pay to use it.

October 19, 2019
I was so excited about this software. I was uploading some images that I could use in this program and it told me I had reached my limit. I never knew how much space I had to use to start. So pulled all the images off but I didn't regain any space. Now I'm not able to able to add the sermon notes unless we purchase the software. I'm a little confused about the Free Forever. I see under the pricing you have to pay forever.
Posted by Tony
October 19, 2019
It really is a cool piece of software...even the free version!! I'm actually blown away by how much you can do with the free version!! That said, there are some limitations. 1st off, you have to understand that at the core, this software syncs stuff to the WE cloud...500MB worth!! It was 150MB not too long ago, so the jump up to 500MB is a VERY nice addition (thank you WE!!)!! You can see how much media you've synced by clicking on the gear wheel in the upper right corner & select "About Worship Extreme". I imagine one of the main reasons for the syncing option is if you have a permanent computer sitting in a sanctuary that's sole purpose is for a projector and you either don't have access to that computer during the week to set up a service beforehand or would rather create a service from somewhere else (or maybe the reason was to backup computers that crash frequently?). For our church, there isn't a computer that stays at the church, so syncing isn't really a huge deal. All that to say...you can turn off the syncing feature and add as much media as you want: Click the gear wheel and select "Settings", then select "Defaults". At the very bottom is the option to turn off syncing (i.e. uncheck "Upload media to the WE Cloud when added to local library").
I'm only guessing at this point, since I haven't seen the error you mention, but I would think that after you turn off syncing, everything would be ok. If not, maybe close and restart the program? Another option (again guessing) is to do a "deep sync" after you've deleted everything from the media library. Do this by selecting the gear wheel, select "Settings", go to "Library & Database", near the bottom is "Deep sync" and you select the button next to it.
Again, it really is a fantastic piece of software and, better yet, the help you get from the developers are top rate with great response times!!
Posted by Tim
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