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improvement of usability for power point modifications

December 19, 2020

I’m requesting a simplification to modify the power point slides in Worship Extreme.

Unfortunately it happens too often - somebody approaches the technical team to make some minor modifications on some power point slides on a Sunday morning. We have more or less Worship Extreme trained members on this job. Thus the following procedure is a bit of a challenge…

Current procedure: “Clue modify” – “change presentation” – “i” button – click on local path. (translated from German)
Open the local path, open the power point. Modify the power point and replace the Cue in Worship Extreme.

It would be perfect to have a button in the “clue modify” window, which enables team members to make some modifications on the slides (in power point) and to save it again directly into WE.
(I know it’s not that simple – especially the version maintenance local modifications / online modifications might be a bit tricky from a maintenance perspective)

Posted by Streaming
October 16, 2021
Something like this would be great.

A few alternatives:
1. Option to edit the Powerpoint that's in the WE system (local cache which then gets uploaded to cloud). Obviously this wouldn't change the original.
2. Option to replace the Powerpoint with a new version, which gets automatically inserted into any existing cues.
3. Automatic replacement of existing Powerpoint (including any cues) when you Import Media with the same file name. Currently, you just get a duplicate in your media library.
Posted by Chris
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