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Flag up People who already have a role currebt service/day

October 5, 2021
Would it be possible to have a little pop-up when looking to schedule someone, that would serve as a reminder that they are already scheduled for a role for that service/Sunday? Not to block them from being picked for another role but just as reminder that they are already doing something. Something like "Note, this person is scheduled to for ___ in this service". There can be people with multiple 'roles' and this can be lead to someone being potentially sheduled for more that one role, either in one service, or more if you have multiple services. Would be good to serve as a reminder, if at all possible. Thank you.
Posted by Suzanne
October 5, 2021
Hi Suzanne - this is already possible. Click on the calendar icon next to the person's name when scheduling and it will tell you recent services that they were scheduled for, including the current one you're working on.
Posted by User
October 10, 2021
Ah yes, thank you, I can see that now - I will have to try and remember to click on it. 👍
Posted by Suzanne
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