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Sync edited songs from Presenter to Music Stand

November 16, 2021
Hi - I have tried editing the songs in Presenter, mainly so the song flow is easy for volunteers operating the words.

However, the words are unchanged in SongBook - is this something I can amend?

Grace & peace -

Posted by Mark
November 16, 2021
Presenter works with lyrics only, whereas Music Stand draws from ChordPro. You will need to edit the song in the two apps separately.

Alternatively, you can edit the song in Planning. You still need to edit lyrics and chords separately, but at least Planning has them accessible from the same page. For lyrics, arrange the sections to match slides in Presenter (ie. two lines per slide, four lines per slide, etc.).
Posted by User
November 23, 2021
Belated thanks for the reply - it took me a while to play with this and figure it out! It's not easy or intuitive, but I got close enough to what was needed in the end, thank you :)
Posted by Mark
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