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Is there documentation that explains the importance of everyone using the same team

January 11, 2022
I don’t know if the title of my question makes sense to anyone or not but here is my deal. I am one of the singers/leaders on the praise team. We are a small church and 3 of us share different parts of the leadership responsibilities. We want to switch over to using Music Stand instead of paper. It seems to me in all the research that I’ve done that the best way to use your apps is to use them all together in synchronization. I am getting pushback from the computer operator that runs presenter at our church. Every time I enter a set list into Music Stand a day later I find it’s been deleted because he says it makes things harder for him. It’s a problem for the praise team because we practice Wednesday nights and he doesn’t set up presenter until Sunday mornings. So we have Music Stand loaded up on Wednesday night with the proper keys and then we get there Sunday morning and everything is gone. I also spent many hours making a single set list for about three years in the future with all of our songs loaded with the keys we like to do them in. That got deleted as well. Tech-support told me that there was nothing wrong with doing that. I’ve been told that what we do on Music Stand really doesn’t have any affect on the presenter files. Anybody know if this is really true? He also deletes every service after it’s over for some reason so we lose all of our history of when we did songs last. Tech support told me they suggest that you keep past services.
So, all that being said, is there documentation somewhere that goes through step-by-step the proper way to use your apps all connected to each other and all connected to everyone on the same team. We really want to use everything that you have available to us but this is holding us back. I know this is more of a personnel issue but if I can show him in some official documentation exactly why it’s important for everything to stay synchronized maybe it’ll help.
Posted by Mark
January 11, 2022
Hi Mark. We have this article, but I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for.

You adding the songs to Music Stand should make the process easier for him, not harder. So, I need some help understanding what is making it difficult from his perspective. Could you please share why he says it makes it difficult for him? Perhaps he's experiencing a bug that we need to look into, or if it's something in his workflow that is creating more work than necessary, I can suggest an improved way to go around it. I recommend we continue this over email, as that will help me find and look through your account and data. Please send us an email at and include a link to this thread in the email for reference.
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