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transfer to new computer

September 18, 2021
Hello, we purchased a new computer, my laptop is choking on some of these files. i installed presenter but it never down loaded the files i have stored on my laptop. I copied the files from my laptop to the desktop, no luck here. after another hour i started coping the video and backgrounds to the new desktop. then i imported the files into presenter, well that didn't work, filled up the online storage, next i deleted the files in presenter in the desktop, with the hope this would open the online storage. My laptop is now correct, but the online storage is still showing full. is there a way to access the cloud storage of my files? why is it so hard to transfer files to a new computer? I've read where others had this problem, nor is there a help me document showing what to do when transferring to a new computer.

Thanks for the help.
Posted by Ron
September 20, 2021
Hi Ron. Because we use a cloud system, your files are all saved to your online account. This means that all your files should automatically populate on any other computer running Presenter, as long as people are signing in to the same account and the computers are connected to the Internet. That is why there are no articles regarding manual transfer of data – there is no such process.

My hunch is that you may have signed in to two different accounts which is why files from the first Presenter didn't automatically sync over to the Presenter on the new computer. Please email us a with the account name and any/all of the email addresses you used to sign in.
Posted by User
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