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Is WE Presenter compatible with new Mac Mini M1?

November 12, 2021
We have an old Intel i3 Mac Mini which is s l o w. We want to upgrade to the M1, but don’t know WE is M1 ready?
Posted by Nigel
November 16, 2021
Hi Nigel. Presenter is compatible with Apple's M1 chip.
Posted by User
November 28, 2021
I'm using it right now on an M1 Mac Mini and it's doing great. You'll probably need to use your USB-C as a second monitor out if you want to preview.
Posted by tony
November 28, 2021
Thank you. (It’s an Intel i5 actually, but that us a minor point.) thank you for your help.
Posted by Nigel
November 30, 2021
Based on the Mac mini M1 compatible comment above, we acquired one for our church. We plugged our projector to HDMI port, the Mac display via USB-C connector and all works perfectly. But our challenge started as we need to set up the stage display thru a second usb-c adapter and the Mac mini is not recognizing the monitor…Any support on this matter, we have an important event this Saturday and we need this to work.
Posted by avivamiento
22 hours ago
Hi @avivamiento - if that was my M1 comment, I hadn't tried attaching 3 screens to the M1 Mini - only 2 - sorry.

The M1 Mini only natively handles 2 monitors I see after a bit of searching.

There does seem to be some hardware/driver workaround options until Apple fix it.
Posted by tony
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