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4 Questions about Backgrounds and Templates for Slides and Songs -

November 22, 2021
I'm struggling working with slides and song templates

1. I don't seem to be able to create new template slides - only Select Template
2. Select Background seems to fire me out into the media browser
3. Can a slide or song template background just be a colour?
4. If I create dark text template to go on a light background song template - I can't see it on the default black background.
Posted by tony
November 22, 2021
Hi Tony,

1. W don't have an option to create new templates at this time, but we hope to get some updates made soon.
2. This is expected behavior - you need to select a background from your existing media library files.
3. Piggy backing off of answer #2 - you will need to import/upload a solid background image into your media library and select is as the background.
4. You can go to Settings > Interface, and change the Editor background to Transparent. The other option would be to create two identical song templates in white and black (or other desired color) - edit in white, and switch it to the darker color when you're done editing.

Again, we plan to make some upgrades on Presenter, so, hopefully, a lot of these processes will be simplified or otherwise improved. Thanks.
Posted by User
November 23, 2021
Picking up question 3, it would be helpful if there was an option to have a solid background built-in in. I have needed to 'tune' the colour to match the green screen settings in our Blackmagic video switcher. It would have been useful to be able to adjust the colours interactively, rather than going to a 3rd party tool and saving the adjusted image.
Posted by Paul
November 23, 2021
@Paul we also use a Blackmagic ATEM too and sometime use a green-screen mask.

@User - Being able to preview the background template editing with your chosen background would be useful. ( think that relates to 3)

Re e - I might add Solid backgrounds (and previewing backgrounds on templates?) as a Suggestion and see if others would find that useful.

re 4 - yes I'll try that.

(overall, I'm really impressed with the simplicity of Presenter which is rare on sofware tools, but there seem to places where the UX leads me to places I don't expect.)

Posted by tony
November 23, 2021
(the transparent background option shows up dark text, but not the white text.)
Posted by tony
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