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Support Multiple Licensing Services

October 4, 2021
Please add support for multiple licensing services to the WE suite. We use CCLI, CCS, and CVLI. However, in Planner the field name is CCLI number - locked in to CCLI. Perhaps add a license provider field (CCLI, CCS, CVLI, ASCAP, BMI) and a license number field. Also adding the ability for the administrator to add future license provider(s) would make it more flexible. My current work around is in Presenter edit the song and it accepts "ASCAP ######" in the CCLI number field. That then will appear on the usage report. If I add a song from Planner, however, it only allows numeric in the CCLI number field, so I am forced to use the Copyright field to enter ASCAP ######. The copyright field is missing from the usage report and the usage report does not report any usage that does not have a CCLI number. The Usage Report would be more useful if it allowed selection of additional parameters (licensing service selection,...) and which fields to include (set name/service name, copyright, ...).
Posted by Media
October 19, 2021
Agree. We use CCLI, OneLicense, CVLI, and WorshipCast (ChristianCopyrightSolutions) for reporting.
Posted by John
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