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September 30, 2021

Currently we are putting all our Liturgy Slides under Lyrics as we don't want separate Google Slides for each. This obviously is not ideal. Would it be possible to add another category for Liturgy?
Stephen Mountier
Hawkwell Parish Church, UK
Posted by Stephen
October 5, 2021
We put all our liturgy in the slides section, that was we have more flexibility of changing font colour and size, and adding multiple text boxes. It can be a bit fiddly but it works well once set up.
Posted by Suzanne
October 6, 2021
Sadly Slides don't work how I need them to.
Currently in view of that limitation I utilise the "Custom Slide Order" function within Lyrics so I will class together all the "OPENING SENTENCES" for instance as individual Slides (normally used for Verses/Chorus etc.). Then it is easy to pick just the ones I want for that day on the "Custom Slide Order".

So what we need is the equivalent of the Lyrics layout - I use Template "None" so I can take advantage of Fonts / Colours/ Font Size etc... Where I have Leader in Yellow and Response in White on one Slide. Hence it could be a copy of that code and just made a separate tab within the Database to keep these in. (And if someone from WE is reading this also a way of moving the existing ones across when created(!) as I've spent loads of hours copying and pasting / duplicating and cutting/ colouring / entering from scratch and updating etc...etc.. from "Lyrics" to "Liturgy" tab.) Thanks
Posted by Stephen
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