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Not sending emails...

November 17, 2021
Anyone else also going through this? Planning haven't sent any emails to the people being scheduled on it for the past two weeks...
Posted by Frontier
November 18, 2021
We recently implemented email verification as an added security measure. It is a quick, one-time process, but until users complete that step, they won't be able to receive the emails.

Please instruct your users to verify their emails if they haven't already, and they should be good to go. Last week, I believe, we sent out an email with a verification link that they just need to click on. Alternatively, if they don't have that verification email, signing in to any Worship Extreme app will take them to a verification screen. Please note that we have turned off the verification screen on the weekends for the time being, so they'll need to sign in and verify their emails on a weekday.
Posted by User
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