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Under Consideration

Song List Enhancement / Export Capability

October 4, 2021
We would like to be able to view our songs in a list view where we could select which fields (metadata, lyrics, ...) and/or be able to export the song list with metadata and lyrics.
In our case over time we have stored some licensing data in the CCLI field, but some in the Copyright field (e.g. ASCAP #####, BMI #####). We would like to standardize where we have that data. Today though the only way to cleanse our song list is to traverse the Planning song list, open each song, check it, and edit if it needs correcting. Click back to songs, then move on to the next song. If we could dynamically choose which fields were displayed on the Planner song list and how many songs were displayed on a page (not the 8 there are today), or if we could export our entire song list with metadata and lyrics, that would allow us to load the data into, say a spreadsheet, and analyze changes needed quite quickly, then go straight to the songs needing to be updated.
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