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Mac Mini Display issues

January 13, 2022
I recently retired a i7 Quad Core Mac mini with 16gb ram and the HD's are clean except for Presenter and Webroot anti virus. The main output display will not work. When the system comes up the Mini recognizes the projector display just like a second monitor but when presenter is up and running presenter will not display on the main projector screen. I have changed thunderbolt adapters and still no joy. I grab my MacBook Pro and set it up and it works just fine. Any ideas? I really hate to keep using my personal laptop since it's setup for work so I am looking for some answers.

StartingPoint Church
Summerfield, FL
Posted by Robert
January 13, 2022
Check out the Screen Configuration Settings section on this doc:
And make sure that Main Audience Output is routed to the correct Display, and this should sort out the issue.
Posted by User
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