Worship Extreme Features


One of the best Worship Extreme features is the built-in ability to sync all your data with the cloud. This means you will have access to all your song lyrics, videos, images and cue lists from any computer running Worship Extreme. Long gone are the days of needing to transfer media from computer to computer or staying late to work on presentations.


Worship Extreme makes managing your song lyrics, media and PowerPoints a breeze; and with the Worship Extreme Cloud, all computers will have access to the same song lyrics and media content.

Cue Lists

Cue lists are like a script for your service or event. They are easily setup and make it effortless for the operator to advance through. Not only are they easy to setup, they are also easy to change on the fly once an event or service has begun.

Mobile Apps

Taking advantage of mobile technology couldn't be easier with Worship Extreme. Use your iOS or Android device to remotely control your presentations or offer a stage display to people on stage to keep everyone on the same page.


With Worship Extreme you have the ability to give each user their own login and privileges. Multiple user accounts allow for easier management and improved security. Read more >


Creating a poll is an easy, fun feature that lets people in your audience or congregation vote on their smart phones or tablets. You can then instantly display the results of the poll on screen. Read more >


The Worship Extreme interface is currently available in English, Chinese, Italian (Italiano), Polish (Polski), German (Deutsch), Norwegian (Norsk), Portuguese (Português), and Spanish (Español).

What others are saying about Worship Extreme

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for this amazing software and thank you for making it so easily accessible to us! I downloaded the program last week and used it live in our women's meeting last night and am so impressed with what it can do! I have just purchased the pro version and am even more amazed at its capabilities. Thanks again this is such an answer to prayer!"

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