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Presenter freezes

March 15, 2021
Has anyone had Presenter freeze during live usage? I am using a PTZoptics USB camera utilizing the video feed within Presenter. I thought it was the camera and working with PTZoptics, it is not the camera. Yesterday, which was 03/14/2021, when everything froze I ended Presenter and restarted it and everything worked fine from there. It was about 1hr and 30mins into the service. Thanks for any help if possible.
Posted by Paul
March 31, 2021
I've been experiencing this to. For me, its easy to reproduce. I just have to do anything outside of presenter and then presenter freezes requiring a program retart.

Have you have any luck diagnosing this? I've tried restarting the PC, reinstalling presenter, installing older versions, eliminating dual display. No luck. I'm hesitant to reinstall windows and getting everything else back up and running.
Posted by FC
March 31, 2021
No, matter of fact, last Sunday the sound stopped also. Had to restart Presenter and everything worked fine. Am running Presenter, OBS, Zoom and PTZOptics. Nothing else is running. I have three monitors and two hi-end video card. My system is Asus with Ryzen CPU, 16 gb memory an 1 tb hard drive. The video cards have 3gb memory each. I don't think it is the system. Still looks like the culprit is in Presenter itself. It is random.
Posted by Paul
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