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Multiple Login Entry Points Per Account

September 3, 2016
Would love to see ability to login to Worship Extreme accounts with multiple services, rather than just one. 

This would mean even though I set up my account using one service (ie. Facebook), I could also link my Worship Extreme account to other login services such as Google and a standard email-based Worship Extreme login, rather than just being limited to login with the service I initially used to create an account.
Posted by Jonathan
September 4, 2016
Thanks for the post.  This is currently possible.  You'll need to link your other logins to your account in the users section.  Take a look at this article for more info:
Posted by Adam
September 10, 2016
Hey Adam,
Thanks for your reply once again. I think I may have described my request incorrectly. I was thinking of a way to condense each user login to just fit under one person name, rather than seeing three "Jonathan" user entries (one each for WE Account, Gmail, and Facebook) in my administration panel. 
Posted by Jonathan
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