Unavailable Dates

In the Planning app, users can block out dates during which they are not available to serve.

For Users: Submitting Unavailable Dates

Click your name in the upper right corner of the Planning site and select Profile from the dropdown menu. There, you'll find a place to add Unavailable Dates. You can submit multiple dates by clicking +Add Dates. Once you Save, your submitted dates will be viewable on your People page to anyone with Admin permissions.

Users can only edit Unavailable Dates for themselves regardless of their permission levels.

For Admins: Scheduling with Unavailable Dates

As an Admin, when you go in schedule people to a service, you'll notice that names are greyed out for people with Unavailable Dates that conflict with the service dates. You can still select them, but you'll get a pop-up window to confirm that you are scheduling someone who has listed themselves as unavailable. The user may still Accept or Decline the role.

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